The X-Men are heroes; I'm a thief.

indie Remy LeBeau AKA Gambit of X-Men, the Marvel fandom. comic, movie canon, AU, crossover, multiverse and multiship friendly. Always open for plotting! check the rules and possibly headcanons, please.

okay so I doodled today but my scanner ruins sketches so I’m not gonna scan anything before it’s inked, but

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Anonymous inquired:
I really really like your threads with Clint Barton muses, especially the ones where he has a kid. They're always so cute and make me smile! And I like it when Scott/Cyclops comes into play because I find their dialogue to be really funny and witty! I also adore all the cats. Cuz... y'know. CATS.



lfjskldf thank u non ;u; tbh children actually make me v uncomfortable so I’m surprised with how much I’m loving the threads with Nicky. it’s bc Remy is so in love with his new little family I swear I swear

ALSO ALL MY STUFFS WITH ANY SCOTT EVER AMUSE ME TO NO END because basically no other who’s playing Scott or what his relationship with Remy is Remy will always be such a shit to him

thank u non I love you come again

so basically the things I need with the power of a thousand suns

  • rp romy
  • rl romy
  • just rogue to my remy ok
  • to roleplay as marian hawke again
  • also isabela to my hawke
  • roleplay as m!mahariel again
  • zevran to my mahariel
  • roleplay as zevran
  • m!mahariel to my zevran
  • dragon age lesbians
  • dragon age gay elves
  • real life lesbians
  • just yeah


Rainbow painted Ecuadorian roses.


I absolutely love when people read my roleplays and then send messages to me about how they enjoyed them. I feel like connecting with them in that way means that I’m doing a good job.

yeah okay fine, after a solid 10 hours playing Dragon Age, maybe it’s time I do something else for these


two hours

before I go to sleep

I came out here to have a good time and honestly I’m feeling so attacked right now


I’m too lazy to get back on my own computer so I’ll inform you right here that you’ll do well to submit some of your favorite pictures of Dick Greyson like right now, preferable without his mask suit things on

bc the fanart thing is happening ok I’m commissioning all the people to draw dick and remy ok