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indie Remy LeBeau AKA Gambit of X-Men, the Marvel fandom. comic, movie canon, AU, crossover, multiverse and multiship friendly. Always open for plotting! check the rules and possibly headcanons, please.


      “Your secret is revealed.” He grinned, moving to secure the little fluffball as instructed. His heart melted a little every time he mewled. He’d really need to go punch a wall or something soon to make up for it.

     ”Yeah, that’d interfere with other plans.” He murmured, sending a sly smile in Remy’s direction.

    And oh, those tiny little paws tried so hard to crawl out of the sink. But there was no mercy, no, none for dirty little kittens, no matter how much they mewled. Thankfully, it was soon time to rinse.

        “Ooh, ya already ‘ave plans?” Remy replied, giving a chuckle and a light nudge to Logan. Purposefully leaning in to him. “Care ta share? Or this too dirty fer yer kid ta ‘ear?”

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Space Station 76

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    Logan hesitated in the doorway, admiring the sharp lines of Remy’s back.
      “Usin’ it in yer own hair?” He smirked, stepping past him to fetch the soap.

     He moved to stand beside him, holding out the soap. One hand ghosting up Remy’s back before coming to rest between his shoulder blades.

        “Well, I mean, ‘ow else did’cha think I got it so shiny?” Remy asked with a chuckle. Hey, besides, it was what he washed his babies with, so…

    The soap was accepted with a silent “Thanks,” before he poured some into an open palm. “Make sure ‘e doesn’t run away, ‘kay?” He asked, whilst beginning to rub the soap into the little one’s fur. “Last thing ya want is chase this thing ‘round th’ apartment fer th’ rest a’ th’ night.”

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     He’d remember that for later.

     ”Wet, huh?” He murmured, momentarily distracted as his mind went down a path it’d be hard to come back from. Keep your cool, Logan. Keep your cool. “Won’ keep you waitin’ long.”

    If he hurried after Remy a little too fast, he didn’t care.

    The tiny, mewling ball of fur was set down in the sink. Thankfully, it was so slippery and the cat was so very tiny and clumsy that he didn’t quite make it out of said sink whilst Remy took off his shirt. Just the top one; Leaving his white wifebeater and dark jeans.

    And soon, in hurried Logan, while Remy was letting the water run. Just warm enough for the little kitty to be comfortable. Well, as comfortable as he possibly could, anyway, considering it was a bath.

        “Get th’ kitty soap from th’ shower, would’cha?” He asked, rubbing the water over the little thing’s back. “An’ don’ ask why it’s in th’ shower.”

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You are sexy you know ? 


     He laughed as the cats disappeared like lightning, and though he was tempted to chase them down and dump them in the bath as revenge, he let it go. 
      “They gonna hide fer the rest o’ the night?”

     He stood, holding out a hand to Remy.
        “Let’s get the little one bathed, then.”

        “As long as ya say ‘bath’ whenever they raise their ‘eads, they are,” Remy replied with a chuckle, and a grin. Patting the fluffbutt, resting against his shoulder like a baby, as he stood.

        “C’mon, daddy,” He cooed over his shoulder, circling the couch, heading for the bathroom. “We’ll be wet n’ waitin’.”

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"I want my freedom… anyway I can get it"